Donald Trump Stepping Away From Business

President-elect Donald J. Trump announced on Wednesday that he would hold a news conference with his children on Dec. 15 to announce that he would be “leaving” his “great business in total,” but details were scant. More immediately, he will travel to Indiana to announce the saving of 1,000 jobs with the Carrier air-conditioning company.

Mr. Trump said on Wednesday that he would leave his “great business in total” before moving into the Oval Office, promising further details next month about his efforts to avoid conflicts of interest as he becomes the nation’s 45th president.

It is unclear whether the steps Mr. Trump is prepared to take would be enough to satisfy ethics experts who say that putting his children in charge of the business would not be enough to ensure that his official decisions are independent of his personal financial ones. His daughter Ivanka has attended several meetings with heads of state since the election, and she would be one of the main officers of the Trump Organization.

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