Trump evades media to go to dinner with his family

President-elect broke presidential protocol by going out of “Trump towers” even though it was stated that he will not go anywhere during  the night.

Yesterday, Trump’s press liaison, Hope Hicks, gave notice to the media that he would not leave his towers during the night, yet two hours later he did the opposite, he went out in unknown direction with his escort and slipped the media. It was later found  that he went to famous New York steak house  “21 club”.

At the restaurant he was met standing ovation from stunned diners.The mood, however, was not so cheery among the press pool employed to follow the President-elect, as they waited outside his Fifth Avenue home.

Throughout the past seven days there have been reports that the President-elect’s team is in disarray and unprepared for the process of transition. This latest mix-up with his press liaison and the press pool will only serve to fuel these reports.

The fact that Trump was dining out and not at home where he said he would was only discovered by chance when a Bloomberg reporter – apparently in the 21 Club  by coincidence, on a work outing –  took a picture of him as he entered the restaurant to applause from diners.

As the President-elect walked into the restaurant to be seated, he was caught on video shaking hands and telling patrons, ‘we’ll get your taxes down, don’t worry about it.’ 

His press pool picked up on the tweet and made their way to 21 Club, but found that the block around it had been shut down by police.

The disarray grew even worse when only a small group of reporters – those who had NYC passes – were allowed to wait outside the restaurant.

Those without, which included several members of his private press pool, were forced to wait down the street where their view was blocked by a dumpster.

At 9:38pm, the pool saw Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, get into a SUV.

One of the reporters asked if they enjoyed dinner, and Ivanka Trump smiled. Soon after, the motorcade began rolling.

Trump gave his son Eric a farewell kiss outside the restaurant after their meal. The President-elect’s motorcade was seen pulling into Trump Tower at 9:41pm, around two hours and ten minutes after it left.

As a regular diner at the restaurant, Trump is known to sit at table number 11 inside the historic restaurant. That table was also a favorite by President Gerald Ford and his wife.

Hope Hicks told reporters that this was not a sign of things to come, and was a result of Trump not yet having a ‘protective press pool’ that follows him everywhere – unlike sitting presidents.

President Barack Obama, for example, has a Washington, DC pool that follow him around the capital, and another press pool that rides with him on Air Force One. He is almost never without the pool, per an agreement with the White House Correspondents Association.

Once Trump’s protective pool is set up, the press will have the same access to him that they have with any other President, she promised.

Tuesday night was the first time the President-elect had left Trump Tower since he returned from Washington, DC on Thursday.

It’s not yet known what the President-elect chose to eat, but he’s a well-known steak fan.

This might look unprofessional but Donald Trump and his team are still very new to this and this kind of mistake can be product of confusion because all of things that are happening currently. At the end of the day future President can enjoy a dinner with his family without giving a previous notice.

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Photo:AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

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